Farming is in the genes for the Tigchelaar brothers.  Beginning with their grandfather on his farm in Stoney Creek, Ontario, and with their own father on his farm in Binbrook, Ontario, farming has been a way of life for generations for the Tigchelaar family.

Strawberry farming began as an endeavor for Dan and Jeff’s parents, Rick and Anne Tigchelaar in the mid 1960’s. They were one of the first farms to offer “pick your own” strawberries in the area.  This quickly caught on and became a very popular activity, and so more and more acreage was planted into strawberries.  Other crops were planted as well, such as apples and tomatoes.  The young family invested their time and energy to make it a thriving business with everyone pitching in to help, from the oldest to the youngest.  Working together was valuable as a family and as a farm.  Dan and Jeff learned about work ethic and farming from a young age, learning to work together and living the farm life. 

In the early 1990’s, Tigchelaar Berry Farms, Inc. officially became the life and work of Dan and Jeff and their wives and families.  They continued to grow strawberries in Binbrook, as well as apples and pick your own vegetables.  A special interest was taken for strawberries, however, and the brothers studied how other growers were able to extend their growing season outside of the traditional June season.   These interests prompted the Tigchelaars to purchase their first farm in Vineland, Ontario in 1994.  Over the last 20 years the Tigchelaars have expanded their strawberry tradition in the lovely Niagara region.  Many fields have been planted and replanted.  Our customers say the results have been “sweet.”  So come on out and experience these tasty Ontario strawberries for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. 

See you soon.